Bobtape - User Manual

בובטייפ - מדריך שימוש

Our tape is a strong and elastic tape, produced in a factory specializing in medical technologies. It holds the chest without the need for a bra so we can go with a deep cleavage or an open back.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane with hypoallergenic acrylic glue.

You can to use When I come tape in variety shapes , to lift the chest and even to flatten it .

the tape durable in the water and stretched in a way that you allow move comfortable On time the use in it .

in all Galilee there is 5 meter tape enough on average for three uses at him ( Depends in a way the use ).

Before removing the tape, apply body oil or body lotion, wait 15 minutes, then remove gently.

It is very important to see the videos of the use of the product, a video of how to remove the product at the end of use and to take care according to the instructions attached to the product.

The use of the product is one time.

Sale - 2 rolls of tape for only 119 NIS.
The price will be automatically updated by adding 2 tapes to the shopping cart.

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