The shipment will reach your home between 3-6 business days (not including the day of the order). Shipping costs NIS 25. For purchases over NIS 299, shipping will be free.

There may be delays in the arrival of the messenger if it is in remote settlements: Eilat, the Arava settlements, settlements beyond the Green Line and the Golan Heights area. We undertake to deliver the shipment up to 10 business days in the places mentioned above.

Availability of the customer - the shipping company will try to contact the customer for 3 days, if there is no response the shipment will return to our warehouses. In such a case, you can pay for a new shipment to send the package to you again or get a refund for the purchased products (without a refund for the shipping cost). Please note that you have entered correct contact information (phone number and email).

It is important that you know that if you agreed to leave the package by the door/in the mailbox/in the yard/without supervision - Boebody cannot take responsibility in the event that the package is not found by you.
We strongly recommend not leaving packages unattended.