Tape Use Instructions

Our tape is strong and elastic, holding the chest without the need for a bra so we can go with a deep cleavage or an open back.

Made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane and strong hypoallergenic acrylic glue.

The tape is resistant to water and sweat.

With the help of the tape, we will build the support according to the chest size.

The bigger the chest - We will add additional straps for support from the sides and below as well. Since the tape sticks the chest and its weight to the skin, the weight of the chest pulls down the skin, it is possible for the skin to be pulled by the tape. Use the tape according to the instructions and stick enough strips to support the weight of the chest to prevent the skin from being pulled.

Each roll contains 5 meters which will be enough for several uses. The use of the tape is one-time - Pay attention to the way the tape is placed on the body according to the explanatory videos - To receive the videos, contact us on social media or WhatsApp 0545563322 with your order number.

Do not touch the tape adhesive before placing it on the skin since the contact of the fingers will weaken the adhesive. Also, don't stick the tape to the skin and then take it off and try to stick it back.

How to use and instructions regarding time of use:

  • First use - If you have never used our adhesive tape before, please do a sensitivity test at least 3 days before the event (After each use of the tape you must wait at least 72 hours until the next use - even after the test). 6-hour sensitivity test - Glue at least one side of the chest according to the instructions and the training videos and wait 6 hours. In case of feeling irritation or burning, immediately remove the tape with oil according to the instructions. If after 6 hours sensitivity did appear - do not use the product.

For example, do the test when going out for a short meal, and not for an event in the hot summer, such as a barbecue that lasts an entire day or a wedding that is expected to last a long time. Using on skin that is not used to the adhesive film for longer than recommended may cause irritation and the risk that the skin will heat up and be injured.

The tape must be placed on dry and clean skin, without signs of dryness or peeling of the skin. On the nipple only - put a sticker for protection, or a little Vaseline which will prevent the tape from sticking tightly to the nipple.

Do not use creams, oils or perfumes before applying on the skin.

The tape should be placed according to the shape of the garment that we plan to wear. You can see examples in the attached illustrations or send us a message with your order number on Instagram or WhatsApp to the number 0545563322 and we will be happy to help you with videos and photos.

In the event of a feeling of irritation, itching, tingling, burning or any other unpleasant feeling - the tape must be removed from the skin immediately. The removal must be carried out only in accordance with the removal instructions written below.

  • Hot and humid weather

The chances of the skin heating up and the formation of blisters increase in hot weather, and this may happen to a small percentage of users. Please limit the use to 3-4 hours if you are at an outdoor event, and do not stay in the sun for a long time. Do not tan with the adhesive tape. Stay in the shade so as not to activate the heat-activated glue too much. Body temperature may rise very quickly even in the shade or inside on a hot day or in a hot and stuffy environment. Please note this.

  • experienced users

Use up to 10 hours. Even experienced users can suffer from overheating of the skin, so please be sure to read our guidelines above regarding when to use in hot weather. Do not use for more than 10 hours. And in the case of the net any irritation immediately remove the tip with oil according to the instructions.

  • Female users 50+

Sometimes mature skin is more sensitive and therefore more scars develop, because the outer skin layer (epidermis) becomes thinner and loses its elasticity. That's why we recommend to users aged 50+ to use at first for a limited time of 3 hours, then gradually extend the time of use.

Excessive use time may pull the skin more and cause irritation.

Always wait 72 hours before using another set of tapes.

Safe use

  • Never stretch the adhesive tape

This is the most common method of use, which may pull the skin and cause friction that creates blisters. When taping, always support the weight of the chest with one hand, and apply the tape with the other hand to hold the chest in place. Don't let go and then stretch and pull the duct tape up to lift your chest. If you suffer from irritation and chafing only at the edge of the place where the adhesive tape was, this is a sign that it stretched too much when it was glued to the skin, causing tension in the skin where it held the weight of the breast.

  • Do not go higher than the fleshier part of the chest tissue, to avoid pressure and injury to thinner areas, such as the collarbone. The adhesive tape should never be applied to the center of the chest, where the skin is thinner, and never near the neck.
  • Do not create layers of adhesive tape

This may cause overheating of the skin or rubbing and friction that will produce blisters. Stick the adhesive tape next to the last layer and not on top of it.

Our customers enjoy an easy and safe user experience. At the same time, it is important to note that the use of tape may cause skin blisters/itching/redness/peeling/burning sensation. Therefore, if during use you feel

How to remove the tape:

In order to remove the tape from the skin at the end of use, soak it with a lot of oil, massage the oil into the tape and wait 15 minutes. Then gently remove from the lower corner of the tape.

Do not tear off the tape from the body! If you feel difficulty or pain during the removal, add more oil and continue slowly.

We have an amazing body oil full of vitamins that are good for the skin, but you can use any kind of oil (coconut oil or baby oil). Apply oil to the entire adhesive tape, insert it into the tape, massage it in for 15 minutes, so that the oil will help break down the adhesive during removal and thus prevent skin pulling.

  • Start from the bottom and pull up slowly and gently, with the other hand pressing the tape to prevent pulling. Do not peel down and against the skin.

The higher the body temperature, the stronger the tape will stick. Therefore, it is very important that in the event that an itching or tingling sensation begins - to immediately remove the tape from the body using the oil as indicated in the removal instructions. (We recommend that when using the tape, you always have a suitable oil on hand that will allow the removal of the tape immediately).

After downloading the tape, do not use it again for at least 72 hours.


- Do not use the tape if you suffer from any underlying disease that includes any skin involvement or if you are taking medications, supplements, etc. that have any skin effect (eg Isotretinoin or Roaccutane).

- Do not use during pregnancy and at least 6 months after giving birth. Do not use while breastfeeding.

- Do not stick the tape on open wounds/burns/sun defects/rashes/skin diseases/skin burnt by the sun or tanning bed/pigmentation/dry/flaking skin.

- If you are allergic to stickers or glue, or to one of the materials in the sticker - do not use the tape.

- In the case of sensitive skin, be careful. Even if you have not previously had sensitivities to this product or products similar to it, a sensitivity may arise.

- Do not sleep with the tape.

- Do not use the tape for more than 10 consecutive hours.

- Do not sunbathe with the tape or apply a tanning accelerator to it in the sun.

- Do not remove the tape without oil.

In case of itching/tingling/scratching/discomfort/pulling of the skin - remove the tape immediately according to the removal instructions.

Skin allergies / sensitive skin

Always perform a sensitivity test 72 hours before use. If you suffer from itching, irritation, burning or discomfort, remove the adhesive tape immediately. This may be a sign of an allergy to acrylic.

  • Allergic reactions

If you are sensitive to glue, acrylic, stretch or similar products, such as plasters, do not use the adhesive tape.

If you are not sure about allergies, do not use the products and consult a doctor first. boebody will not be held responsible in the event of a rash due to an allergic reaction, and the user is responsible for making sure the use is safe, and reading all the information before continuing to use the product.

  • Always follow our guidelines regarding usage time, and gradually increase usage time during regular use.
  • Do not use the tape again for at least 3 days after using it, so the test must be done at least 72 hours before the event.

Under certain circumstances, adhesive tapes may cause blisters and skin irritation even if there appears to be no sensitivity on examination. That's why we would like to describe every possible risk and explain why it might happen, to make sure you know everything before use, and you can prevent skin irritation during the use of the adhesive tapes.

Overheating of the skin and hot weather-

Please be very vigilant if you choose to use the adhesive tape for everyday events in the summer, on vacation or in the sun, such as: weddings, barbecues, festivals, etc. I followed our instructions above regarding hot weather usage time.

When the skin gets too hot under the adhesive tape, chafing and sweat blisters may occur.

  • Do not apply on burnt skin or on skin that has been exposed to the sun for a long time during tanning, as the skin will be hot and sensitive.
  • Sunbathing / swimming

Under no circumstances should users sunbathe with the tape or sit in the sun with it in hot weather, as this increases the chances of the skin overheating. If you chose to swim with the adhesive tape, please make sure not to expose the skin directly to the sun for a long time.

  • Customers who choose to use the tape in hot weather, outside in the sun or in hot and stuffy environments, such as clubs or crowded events, must be aware of the dangers of the skin becoming hot while using the tape. If you ignore this, blisters may form.

Friction blisters - how they form

  • What are blisters?

When the skin gets too hot or when there is friction and tension under the tape, pimples called Miliaria Crystallina or "sweat blisters" may form, similar to a blister on the foot. These are blisters filled with water that look like sweat drops or bubbles. If there is friction due to excessive stretching of the adhesive tape or if the body becomes very hot, the pores secrete more sweat to cool the skin. This increased sweating happens more in hot weather or stuffy environments, and wearing tight clothing or duct tape can make it worse. When the adhesive tape is peeled off the skin after this has happened, the small droplets on the surface of the skin may open as the tape is pulled from the skin. This is how lesions are formed where the skin remains open, from the water bubbles that have formed. Abrasions are caused by the friction bubbles that form under the adhesive tape during use, then open during removal. Following our guidelines regarding application time, cooling in hot environments, and ensuring that the tape does not stretch during application can help minimize the risk of irritation.

What should I do if this happens to me?

Such injuries leave a mark on the skin, but usually they are not deep enough to cause scarring - unless you used the tape incorrectly against our advice. Like normal foot blisters, they sometimes take time to fade, and during recovery they may look pinker or lighter than your skin, especially if you were tanning at the time of the irritation.

Usually they only happen on the upper edges, because there you anchored the adhesive tape on thinner skin. This area is usually more exposed to the sun, gets hotter and sweats more. This is also the part of the chest where you anchored the adhesive tape, and if it stretches, friction bubbles form. If marks do occur, they resemble the marks of a leg blister, and sometimes have the shape of a ribbon. Please take care of the editor if this happens. We ask our customers to be especially careful when using our adhesive tape in the summer, to follow the usage time guidelines and our advice to avoid friction, stress and overheating, so that no friction marks or blisters form. It should be noted that our recommendations are not a doctor's recommendation and a doctor should be consulted in case of injured skin.

Try to clean and dress the injury and follow the doctor's instructions.


The above happens to 0.3 percent of users, and despite this small number of cases it is still important for us to be careful and provide information regarding skin safety on our website. We ask that you read about it before using our adhesive tape products. The adhesive tapes are very sticky, and must be used carefully, especially in hot weather and for users whose skin is not used to the tape. Please read all information to avoid skin damage.

Boebody cannot guarantee users that there will be no harm, as skin sensitivity varies from person to person. The information is provided to help prevent this, because the skin irritation happens not because of the products, but because of certain circumstances during the use of the adhesive tapes.

Boebody asks the users not to use the products incorrectly or excessively. The customer is responsible for reading all the conditions, and watching all the instructional videos regarding adhesion and removal, before use.